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Q. Is there a fee for representing my book?

No, there is not. We work on commission: 15% for domestic sales, and 20% on foreign and subsidiary sales (a few stamps to help our marketing efforts would be appreciated, however).

Q. Is there a fee if I want you to represent my book's film rights?

No, we sell film rights on commission too.

Q. Do you charge reading fees?


Q. Cambridge offers an editing service. Am I required to use it for Cambridge to represent me?

No. There are thousands of well qualified professional editors in this country. You are free to work with anyone you wish (our rate, by the way, is $3.00 per page).

Q. Do you accept submissions from outside the U.S.?

Yes. In fact, we have successfully represented a number of fine writers from Australia, Canada and elsewhere.

Q. Do you specialize in any one genre?

Not really. While both my father and I have favorites, we're more interested in what has the best chance of selling, and not in our personal preferences. At the moment, women's fiction and historical novels are highly sought after by a number of houses, but that can and will change. As for nonfiction, it's best if you write in an area where you have expertise or are recognized by your colleagues.

Q. Do you use E mail?

We prefer the phone. We can be reached at (978) 499-0374. You can leave a message on our voice mail or with our secretary, Joyce, and we'll get back to you.

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