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NEW! Cambridge has sold a book entitled, "The Stress Free Traveler" to McGraw-Hill. It is scheduled for nationwide release in July, 2005.

NEW! In a major sale to Random House, Cambridge Literary has sold Gini Graham Scott's, "Do You Look Like Your Dog" We have also optioned the TV rights to develop a reality / game show.

NEW! a major sale, Mike Valentino of Cambridge Literary sold a book entitled, "The Commitment Dialogues" to McGraw Hill. This exciting self-help book is written by Barbara Quick and best-selling author Dr. Matthew McKay.

NEW! Literary has successfully sold the paperback rights to Dr. Henry Lee's "Famous Crimes Revisited" to Berkley Books, a division of Penguin. Dr. Lee is internationally known as the father of modern forensic crime fighting and he was a key figure in the O.J. trial and many other high profile cases.

NEW! In a multiple book deal, Cambridge Literary has sold, for a substantial advance, the first three novels in a series written by Frank Lione. The first novel is entitled, "Shield of Faith," and all three will be published by Baker, one of the largest Christian publishers in the U.S.

Mike Valentino has successfully negotiated the sale of "The HarperCollins Encyclopedia of American Literature" written by our clients, George Perkins, Barbara Perkins and Philip Leininger, to HarperCollins, for a sizable five figure advance. This is one of the most comprehensive volumes of American literature on the market today, and the publisher plans numerous printings over the next several years.

Cambridge Literary has sold, "The Matchmaker"by Susan Furman, to Thorndike Press. This romantic suspense novel was released in December, 2002.

Cambridge Literary has sold "How To Hang Loose in an Uptight World" written by our client Elizabeth Baker, to Pelican Publishing. It is now on bookstore shelves and is selling well.

NEW! Our latest sale is "On the Trail of the Maya Explorer," written by our client Steven Glassman. The publisher is University of Alabama Press.

NEW! We have just finished negotiating the sale of "Work It Right," written by our author Gini Graham Scott, to Amacom Publishing, an arm of the American Management Association, based in NYC.

Best-selling (Top Ten list) Australian author Philip McLaren is being represented to the rest of the world exclusively by Cambridge Literary. We recently sold his Mystery novel, "Scream Black Murder" to Intrigue Press for U.S. publication. We have also successfully optioned the movie rights for this blockbuster project.

Cambridge Literary has successfully negotiated the sale of "The Global Negotiator" written by our client Jeswald Salacuse, to St. Martin's Press, for a substantial advance. The book is now available in major bookstores.

We are proud to announce the publication of J.B. Powell's "The Republic: A Novel" We sold it to Livingston Press. Booklist gave this novel a positive review.

We have optioned the film rights for Roberta Sykes' best-selling trilogy, "Snake Dreaming," to Alex Rose Productions. Alex Rose was the producer of "Norma Rae," the movie for which Sally Field won the Academy Award.

has recently published a book we sold for our clients, Dr. Joel Block and Dr. Susan Bartell, entitled "Stepliving for Teens" Geared for a YA audience, the book is part of Penguin's very successful "Plugged In" series.

Hellgate Press
has published "The Unexpected Storm" a Gulf War memoir written by our client, Steven Herberts Manchester. It is a gripping, true life account of one man's wartime experiences.

John Wiley & Sons Publishers
has paid an advance and published a very informative book about children's food allergies by our client,Lisa Cipriano-Collins. The initial response and reviews for this book have been quite favorable.

Cambridge Literary's Ralph Valentino recently sold our client Joel Block's new book, "Broken Promises, Mended Hearts" to McGraw-Hill for a substantial advance. It was published in October 2001.

Adams Media
has published a book entitled "Self Defense for Women" The author is our client Elizabeth Pennell, a martial arts expert. Mike Valentino negotiated the sale.

Cambridge Literary has sold the authorized biography of Father William Beiting, "A True Man of God" to Jesse Stuart Publishing (Moorhead State University). It is now available in bookstores. The author is our client, Anthony Salatino. Father Beiting recently celebrated his 50th anniversary of working amongst the poor in Appalachia.

We sold a movie entitled "Jitters," by our client Linda Rentschler, to Lifetime TV. It has aired several times in the past year.

We represent the autobiography of Olympian hero Devon Harris, Captain of the famous Jamaican Bobsled Team, the inspiration for the popular Disney movie, "Cool Runnings."

Cambridge Literary has sold a historical novel entitled "Cutter's Island" by Vincent Panella to Academy Chicago Publishing. The reviews have been excellent and we've received offers from movie producers.

A screenplay entitled "Love You Forever," by our client Kathleen J. Smith, was optioned by us to Dick Clark Productions, a major player in Hollywood.

Mike Valentino has sold a book entitled "The Cape Cod Cookbook" written by our client Jerry Rubin, to Adams Media. Initial sales have been strong, and the author is preparing new cookbooks featuring New Orleans and Cuban cooking.

A movie entitled, "Rogue Husband," adapted from a book we ghostwrote, has been optioned by Blatt / Danielson Productions of California, a successful Hollywood production company.

We have sold a new book by Joseph Sorrentino, a best-selling novelist who has long been considered one of the most effective juvenile court judges in the nation. Entitled "Parents Beware: Sparks Become Fires," this thoughtful exploration of youth violence is being published by Oakwood Publishing. "The Gold Shield," published by Dell, is one of Joe's finer accomplishments.

We represent the work of Kathie Lee Forrester, the celebrated children's rights activist whose work is credited in large part for the passage of the controversial sex offender registration law, also called "Megan's Law."

Cambridge Literary has sold the Chinese rights for "Dictionary of Philosophy" written by our client Peter Angeles, to HarperCollins. The publisher is now exploring other foreign markets as well.

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